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Longest Time To Perform Yoga Nidra Asana (Sleeping Pose) - Yoga World Record By Rehan Sulaiman

THE WORLD RECORD FOR THE LONGEST TIME TO PERFORM NIDRA ASANA (Sleeping Pose) IS ACHIEVED BY REHAN SULAIMAN HE PERFORMED NIDRA ASANA FOR "5 MINUTES 30 SECONDS" AT " COIMBATORE, TAMIL NADU, INDIA" AND ENTERED HIS NAME IN THE INTERNATIONAL YOGA BOOK OF RECORDS ON 2 MARCH 2023. Have you ever wondered what it takes to achieve a world record? Is it just about talent, or is it about dedication and hard work? Well, for Rehan Sulaiman, it was a combination of both. Rehan had always been interested in yoga, but it wasn't until he discovered Nidra Asana that he truly found his passion. Nidra Asana, also known as the sleeping pose, is a yoga asana that requires the practitioner to lie on their back with their arms and legs extended, eyes closed, and body relaxed. For months, Rehan practiced Nidra Asana every day, pushing himself to hold the pose for longer and longer periods of time. He wanted to see just how far he could push himself, and he was determined to achieve a world record. Finally, after months of practice, Rehan was ready. As Rehan lay down on his mat, he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and began to relax his body. Time seemed to slow down as Rehan focused on his breath and his body, pushing himself to hold the pose for just a few seconds longer. Minutes passed, and still, Rehan held the pose, his body completely still and his mind completely focused. he surpassed the previous world record and continued to hold the pose for an additional 30 seconds. Finally, after five minutes and thirty seconds, Rehan opened his eyes and released the pose. Rehan was officially entered into the International Yoga Book of Records. He had worked hard for months to achieve this record, and it had all paid off. But as he reflected on his accomplishment, Rehan realized that this wasn't the end. There was always room for improvement, always another goal to strive for. And so, he began to practice once again, determined to push himself even further and break his own world record. The question now is, how long will Rehan hold the record? Only time will tell. Who Holds the World Record of Yoga Nidra asana (Sleeping Pose)? Rehan Sulaiman Holds the Record For Yoga Nidra Asana (Sleeping Pose)



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