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World Record of Maximum Weight Lifted By Mouth In Handstand Position (Teenager Male) by Aditya Swami.

The World Record For Maximum Weight Lifted By Mouth In Handstand Position (Teenager Male) Is Achieved By Aditya Swami. He Lifted A Total Of 81 Kg Weight By His Mouth In A Handstand Position At Karnawal, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India At The Age Of 15 Years, 6 Months, And 15 Days. He Broke His Previous Record Of 75 Kg And Entered His Name In The International Yoga Book Of Records On November 20, 2023. Breaking Records with Incredible Strength and Determination Introduction:At the young age of 15 years, 6 months, and 15 days, Aditya Swami from Karnawal, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India, made an indelible mark in the world of strength and determination. This extraordinary teenager shattered the previous record by lifting an astonishing 81 kg weight by his mouth in a handstand position. Let's take a closer look at Aditya Swami's awe-inspiring journey and how he etched his name in the International Yoga Book of Records.Aditya Swami: A Teenager with Unparalleled Strength:At a time when most teenagers are exploring their interests and passions, Aditya Swami dedicated himself to the pursuit of physical fitness and strength. Through rigorous training, unwavering determination, and disciplined practice, he developed an exceptional level of strength and balance.The Fascinating Feat: Lifting 81 kg by Mouth in a Handstand Position:In his quest for greatness, Aditya Swami attempted to break his own record of lifting 75 kg. With the eyes of the world on him, he pushed his limits and astounded everyone by lifting a staggering 81 kg weight by his mouth while maintaining a handstand position. This remarkable feat showcased his extraordinary physical prowess and unwavering focus.Aditya Swami's Path to Success:

  1. Early Beginnings:

  2. Dedication and Discipline:

  3. Mental Strength:




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