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The World Record For Maximum Weight Lifted By Mouth In Handstand Position (Youngest Kid) ) - By Anmol Swami

The World Record For Maximum Weight Lifted By Mouth In Handstand Position (Youngest Kid) ) Is Achieved By Anmol Swami. He Lifted A Total Of 50 Kg Weight By His Mouth In A Handstand Position At Karnawal, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India At The Age Of 8 Years 11 Months 8 Days. He Broke His Previous Record Of 45 Kg And Entered His Name In The International Yoga Book Of Records On November 20, 2023. The World Record For Maximum Weight Lifted By Mouth In Handstand Position (Youngest Kid) ) Is Achieved By Anmol Swami


In a remarkable feat of strength and agility, Anmol Swami, a young boy from Karnawal, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India, has set a new world record for the maximum weight lifted by mouth in a handstand position. At the tender age of 8 years, 11 months, and 8 days, Anmol not only shattered his previous record of 45 kg but also entered his name in the prestigious International Yoga Book of Records on November 20, 2023.

The Record-Breaking Achievement

Anmol Swami's extraordinary feat took place in Karnawal, a bustling city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. With determination and unwavering focus, Anmol lifted an astounding total weight of 50 kg using only his mouth while maintaining a handstand position. This remarkable accomplishment not only showcases Anmol's exceptional physical strength but also his incredible balance and control.

Anmol's Journey to Success

From a young age, Anmol showed a keen interest in yoga and physical fitness. He began his training under the guidance of his father, who recognized his son's innate talent for strength-based exercises. With encouragement from his family and unwavering dedication, Anmol embarked on a journey to push the boundaries of what was considered possible for someone his age.

Breaking Boundaries

Anmol's previous record of 45 kg was a testament to his strength and determination. However, he did not rest on his laurels and instead set his sights on surpassing that milestone. Through rigorous training and a disciplined lifestyle, Anmol gradually increased his strength and honed his skills, preparing himself for the monumental task ahead.

Anmol's Moment of Triumph

On November 20, 2023, in front of a captivated audience, Anmol Swami took center stage to attempt the record-breaking feat. With the support of his family and the encouragement of onlookers, he stepped onto the mat, ready to push himself beyond his limits. As he successfully lifted a total of 50 kg by his mouth in a handstand position, a deafening roar of applause and admiration filled the air. Anmol had not only broken his own record but also etched his name in the annals of history.

Recognition and Achievement

Anmol's incredible accomplishment did not go unnoticed. The International Yoga Book of Records recognized his extraordinary physical prowess by acknowledging his record-breaking performance. This prestigious accolade serves as a testament to Anmol's dedication, hard work, and unwavering spirit.

The Power of Yoga

Anmol Swami's record-breaking achievement highlights the power of yoga as a discipline that goes beyond the physical realm. Yoga encompasses a holistic approach to overall well-being, combining physical strength with mental focus and inner peace. Anmol's success serves as an inspiration for young individuals worldwide, proving that with determination and perseverance, one can overcome any challenge and achieve greatness.


Anmol Swami's remarkable journey from a small town in India to becoming a world record holder is a testament to the human potential for greatness. Through his unwavering dedication and discipline, Anmol has showcased the incredible strength and balance that lie within even the youngest individuals. As his name enters the International Yoga Book of Records, Anmol Swami has solidified his place in history and serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and yoga enthusiasts around the globe.



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