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Does Attempting &  setting a record in the Yoga World Record Challenge cost anything?

Nope. Attempting to challenge and Set a World Record Challenge is free of charge.

Is Publishing of Yoga World Record Challenge costs anything?

Nope. Publishing of  Winner of Challenge World Record Holder is free of charge over all Official Social Media Channels and the Official Website of  The International Yoga Book of Records and in The Annual Yoga World Record Book.

How do I get a certificate for the Yoga World Record Challenge and Does It costs anything?

You can visit our store to Claim certificates. Yes, it Costs Nominal Charges. You can Claim Your Record Certificate  After Approval of your Record Challenge @INR - 1000 ( for India) OR @USD 30 (for Others)

How do I submit a record? 
After the Submission of your Application, You'll Recieve A Link to Upload your Video Via the Email You've Provided in the Application Form.

What kind of evidence do you need?

You need to Submit video evidence of your record challenge attempt along with 2 photos and an Introduction Video. ( If all the Evidence Is not Provided by the Applicant His/Her Attempt will be Rejected.

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